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Neo-Direct Game, Simping, & Ladies Tall Guidelines | Women Chase

Dudes whom take to ‘gaming’ females with this new-style “neo-direct” online game are not gaming women. They may be simping IRL. Which describes the severe rejections neo-direct gamers get.



I will be criticizing super-direct (neo-direct) video game in this post. However, I want to highlight that I am not assaulting immediate video game. I have formerly been harsh about drive video game, but those posts happened to be mainly a criticism of super-neo direct video game that We plan to criticize right here. I will describe more in my own subsequent two articles. We have a post on drive online game coming-out shortly and can describe tips operate it correctly to have maximum efficiency and persistence. Stay tuned


Hi guys.

These days I would like to add my deal with women and high requirements into the age of social networking and simping. I do want to link this experience utilizing the surge of neo-direct online game.

Drive video game has grown to become much more popular lately.

However, new form that has become much more popular (which Chase calls “neo-direct game”) generally instructs guys to spam-approach throughout the road, reveal interest, and hope for ideal.

These strategies have done nothing good-for men, besides giving them the balls to approach women.

Ladies with inflated egos from social media, as well as the high amount of simping, just leads these to hunt for a lot more recognition. With this particular brand-new as a type of direct game, provide her exactly what she wants. However, you aren’t of a lot price to her—that is actually, unless the woman is shopping for intercourse. Your chances are reduced as it is more likely that she’d merely call an F-buddy in order to meet the woman requirements rather than heading alongside a stranger from road.

Never have men acquired these poor effects because they have actually making use of this method of grab. I have read research on message boards (most are from
our personal message board
) of dudes undertaking 100 methods and simply acquiring two lays. Those figures cannot surprise myself, taking into consideration the style they use.

What shocks myself is the fact that these email address details are regarded as normal. They’re not. These males have already been misled.

These a ratio is certainly not typical for someone that produced hundreds of strategies. How many men discussing these figures might appear to be outliers, however they are perhaps not; it is common. They do get one thing in typical: all of them utilized this super-direct approach.

Some guys are stubborn and stay glued to this bad program for the reason that it’s exactly how some people are. (I have been accountable for this myself). Others only give-up. The latter dudes come to all of our forum or blog post in our comment part that women have too high standards. Chase had written an
remarkable part about them
. I am not saying incorporating anything to his brilliant blog post.

It’s a good idea that numerous guys genuinely believe that females now have actually high requirements. If you decide for super-direct online game (neo-direct online game), you will definitely frequently get declined. Following that, it is possible to think that you are not enough on her and therefore ladies’ requirements went upwards significantly.

And in all sincerity, in some means, obtained risen. I shall include a unique viewpoint to Chase’s idea that doesn’t actually conflict.

This “neo” super-direct online game is no unique of
on the internet.

Females indeed have a number of interest from starving, hopeless males on the web. Only check out the surge of “sexual” services on, and all the attention-whoring on Instagram. Also Tinder is used primarily as an instrument to achieve brand-new followers on Instagram.

That which we see appearing out of neo-direct game is actually raw. It’s simping. Most incredible women are familiar with this type of behavior. Even those who are not entirely histrionic on social media marketing will get some amount of simping from various relationship programs or someplace else.

All this is mainly because the internet facilitates two elements:

  • Male simping

  • Female attention-whoring

The web motivates simping as this behavior in actual life (especially night online game) typically leads to a harsh rejection.


In actuality, females need certainly to reject to eradicate these types of men so they really do not bother all of them or follow them about. There is the risk of some men getting intimate harassers.

However severe rejections commonly demanded on the net because everyone is behind a screen.

The men just who stick to an attractive lady online either live a long way away or do not have means of learning in which she lives. If an online follower goes too much, she block him, report him, and also him banned. Very she does not need to deny harshly.

Men can stay online as it cannot present any risk to the lady, and it may


the woman social standing and validation. In the place of harsh rejections, ladies can provide guys a “like” on their comment as a pitiful prize, and if these include fortunate, they actually have an “Oh, you may be so wonderful :D” comment.

But when to actuality, ladies reject a stranger’s strategy as a safety measure, especially when he is also manipulative and pressuring her into a corner. Understand that ladies have actually a risk-averse nature. (browse my personal theoretical blog post on
female state control
for more information.) A female will most likely find the safe option, to deny, though she considered you lovable or interesting. She does not know you and desires to play it safe. Smiling as well as playing along will symbolize that she allows your strategy, that could possibly drag her into one thing she may later on be sorry for.

This particular fact is definitely correct. The nightclub served once the primary ground for
attention-seeking conduct
in earlier times,. (This nevertheless takes place in organizations these days, nevertheless web now outcompetes it.) It is the reason why women have actually their shields up in groups. Continuously dealing with frumpy and bitchy women, causing an abundance of harsh rejections, demotivates many men from using simping-like conduct in organizations. Because of this precisely why secondary online game was actually innovative in the 2000s. It was the exact opposite of simping behavior. It had been a countermeasure into severe rejections men would deal with in clubs.

Like that