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C# developer job interview questions C# Interview Tips

Every employer looks for a .NET developer who has expertise in C#, ASP.Net, ASP.Net Web API, REST API/JSON, LINQ, SQL, and relational databases. On top of it, some additional skills that employers demand are OOD, Agile, multi-threading, performance tuning, good code organization skills, and design patterns. These apps are supported on iOS, Android, Windows, watchOS, and other platforms. Before diving right into your dream company, take up work projects or freelancing work, for your benefit. All of this experience will firstly help you stand out from the freshers who are new to the industry. And second, it will give you exposure to the working of a dot net developer.

interview questions for experienced .net mvc developer

You should always use this opportunity to engage in a conversation with a senior member of the team, to demonstrate that you are motivated and enthusiastic about the prospect of working at Accenture. Do not be afraid to ask your interviewer about their personal experiences with the company, and their career path. Depending on your region and role you applied, this part of the process will be virtual during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, except for a change of setting from an office to an online video assessment, you can be expected to take part in the same types of exercises and assessments. After the successful completion of online aptitude tests, you will be invited to a first-round interview.

Dynamics CRM/CE Team Lead

You should welcome this opportunity to discuss your wider knowledge about alternative frameworks such as Laravel, and how they may differ from .NET. Check here for Free and Premium aptitude assessment tests and video interviews to practice and prepare for Accenture recruitment. Therefore, PHP Laravel interview questions that do not include quizzes regarding testing are a no-no. Certainly not if the developer in question is an expert; after all, it’s the experts that lead the charge in testing. As against hiring programmers one after the other in order to put a team together, you may also consider the route of staff augmentation through outstaffing.

  • If so, preparing for some of the more common questions will leave you in the best position to think on the spot and come up with the answers that’ll really impress.
  • For example, mobile and gaming app development requires a completely different tech stack.
  • Up-to-date knowledge is very important because of how frequently it updates.
  • You may also reach out to the developer’s previous employers and references to learn about their work practices.

From Peshawar office we offer online over the internet services to our London UK, Hong Kong and Shenzhen China based offices. In Accenture’s Personality Questionnaire unlike in ability tests, there are no right or wrong answers. It will assess your individual preferences within the Accenture’s work place, i.e. consulting and working with corporate clients. Bear in mind that as a candidate you will not get extra marks for having a particular preference as such. The application form will provide a basis for any future references. Be ready to spend some extra time to make sure that the information you provide reflects not only you as a person, but also as a candidate that Accenture are looking for.

.NET Interview Questions

This helps when communicating with other technical people, such as network and server administrators, by building a rapport on a foundation of familiar information. As a .NET developer, you should understand .NET language and other .NET terms. This includes understanding how to use classes, methods, objects, variables, loops, and arrays. Together with the proactive approach, they will help you become a problem-solver. Here are examples of questions you could ask in a .NET developer interview.

What is model binding in MVC interview questions?

What do you understand by Model Binding? In action methods, we need to retrieve data from requests to be used by the data. In MVC, model binding maps data from HTTP request to action method parameters. This task of retrieving data from HTTPRequest is repetitive and is removed from the action method.

Laravel’s database query builder is used to smoothly run database queries. Although, it can also be used to perform other database operations, including CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functions. Since SQL Injection attacks are a common threat, it uses the PDO parameter binding to protect your application from. If .NET development is your desired career path, you should start with the fundamentals like C# and work your way up to supplemental technologies based on your major. Since data is one of the core aspects of app development, you shouldn’t miss this area of knowledge. Ideally, you should have at least a basic understanding of both SQL and NoSQL types of databases.

What are 3 common acronyms used in .NET? What do they stand for?

Time management allows .NET developers to meet their deadlines for their projects. Of course, other questions may come up too – including some that are specific to the job you’re applying for. If so, preparing for some of the more common questions will leave you in the best position to think on the spot and come up with the answers that’ll really impress. The various questions we’ve provided will give you a great insight into what you might face at your next job interview. But it’s a good way to get you thinking about how you would answer them. With many organisations growing their digital infrastructure, .Net developers are high up on the list of company’s hiring priorities.

Other examples of collections you may like to mention in your .NET interview are hash tables, bags, dictionaries, and lists. You will get familiar with the format and level of difficulty of the questions. A lot of patterns are repetitive and follow similar logic, so by practicing you will grow in confidence and be better-suited to take your real test. You will need to infer an underlying logical pattern and, using your reasoning, correctly determine what the next diagram in series must look like. Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is especially difficult because all answers will seem like appropriate options.

E-commerce development

For more on developer hiring tips, here are 11 Great Practices to Help You Hire Software Developers. Universal Booksellers is a Fourth Generation Bookshop based in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh .Our family has been in this business since the past 80 years. Make a list of your soft skills and think of tangible examples in which they have served you well.

  • PHP Laravel framework developer interview questions for intermediates should have the right blend of the theoretical and the practical.
  • These will require you to apply data interpretation, problem solving, resilience and work agility to succeed.
  • You can practice your answers in front of the mirror and analyse what your posture, gestures and facial expressions might say about you.
  • Therefore, as you quiz a developer on their handling of the Laravel framework, ensure that their answers demonstrate an efficient understanding of PHP as well.
  • As most of the skills, computer programming needs studying to acquire, and since it is constantly evolving, this studying is a never-ending process.
  • That is why the skills and experience employers are looking for often include a whole gamut of technical abilities.

According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude tests results. Laravel is a framework for PHP and so during questioning, developer applicants must demonstrate a good understanding of PHP is important to ensuring productivity and attaining expertise in it. You can only uncover this through the right PHP Laravel developer interview questions.

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